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PCC Panel

PCC Panels: also known as Power Control Centers, are an integral part of electrical distribution systems in industries, commercial buildings, and large facilities. These panels are designed to control and distribute power to various electrical loads, ensuring a smooth and steady power supply to critical machinery and equipment.

MCC Panel

MCC Panels : also known as Motor Control Center Panels, are essential components of industrial electrical systems. These panels provide centralized control and protection for electric motors, making them a crucial element in manufacturing facilities, industrial plants, and commercial complexes. MCC Panels simplify motor management & enhance safety.

APFC Panel

An APFC Panel : also known as an Automatic Power Factor Control Panel, is an intelligent and automated electrical control panel designed to regulate and maintain the power factor of electrical loads. Power factor is a crucial parameter that indicates the efficiency of electrical systems by measuring the ratio of real power (kW) to apparent power (kVA).

Feeder Pillar

Feeder Pillar : The robust and indispensable solution for efficient power distribution and control in various electrical systems. Our Feeder Pillar Panels are designed to provide a secure and organized platform for housing essential electrical components, ensuring seamless power supply to different circuits and loads.

AMF Panel

Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) Panels – the essential solution for ensuring uninterrupted power supply during mains failure. Our advanced AMF Panels provide seamless switching between mains power and backup generators, guaranteeing continuous electricity supply for critical applications and facilities.

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